Common Mistakes Made By Sellers Of MA Homes

There are many seller actions that impact how quickly a home sells. Some common mistakes made by sellers of MA homes are worse than others. Sellers should avoid the mistakes detailed in this article

Common Mistakes Made By Sellers Of MA Homes

Not Cleaning

It can be a challenge to keep a home presentable at all times especially while still living there. It is essential to spend time cleaning before showings and open houses. Buyers may focus on less of a home and more of the mess inside, so not paying attention to cleaning will make your property less appealing. Buyers also make inferences about how well a seller cares for a property based on its cleanliness. Cleaning up helps listings sell faster and for more money.

Making Listings Difficult to Show

The more inconvenient it is to confirm an appointment for a property, the less likely it is to be seen. Requiring too much notice for showings limits the buyers that can visit the property. Another mistake is not giving convenient access to keys for the home. When competition is heavy, buyers will gravitate towards easy showings. Difficult showing instructions lead to missed opportunities and extended listing time frames.

Lingering During Viewings

Sellers often want to be present during showings, but this does more harm than good. It can make buyers feel uncomfortable. Also, extensive conversation from a property owner can distract a buyer from the home. Buyers prefer to take time to explore a home and to talk freely with each other about their opinions. Sellers and buyers interacting directly with one another could also lead to inferences about motivation and contract terms.


Price is impacts marketing time and final selling price. Of the common mistakes made by sellers of MA homes, this one is the worse. It is normal for sellers to have pride to a home and to want the highest price possible. However, this often leads to over pricing. Overpriced listings take much longer to sell than reasonably priced ones. Over time, the listing grows stale and loses the interest of buyers. Long marketing time and price drops along the way will lead the property to sell for less. There is typically no advantage to overpricing properties. Speak to a real estate broker for an honest opinion on price and delay listing your property if the figures are not sufficient.

For Sale By Owner

Some sellers try to market a property on their own. Although it is possible, there may be many headaches and costly mistakes along the way. Real estate brokers are experienced with marketing a home, acting as an intermediary, negotiating deals, and protecting the interests of sellers. They also monitor changes in the market. Expertise can make a big difference, especially during changing market conditions.

Sellers Play an Important Role

Sellers play an important role in the marketing of real estate. The common mistakes made by sellers of MA homes above are simply the most common mistakes. A professional real estate broker can help a seller avoid other listing pitfalls. For additional information on this and other real estate topics, contact John Wells at 978-518-1481 or


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