Mortgage Approval Considerations For MA Lenders

Pre-approvals do not guarantee final mortgage approval. Lenders complete a complete analysis before issuing an approval. This formal procedure does not usually start until after real estate is under agreement as they must evaluate both the personal information of borrowers and specifics of the property being purchased. The following are some mortgage approval considerations for MA lenders.

Personal Details Considered


Lenders will review your assets, earnings and obligations to calculate whether you can afford the monthly payments. Good assets and a stable employment history demonstrate economic well being. The balance and types of bills you carry are also factors. Mortgage companies think about not only your present situation. They also try to predict the long-term potential to make payments.

Likelihood of Repaying the Loan

Lenders examine how likely you are to make payments over the life of the mortgage. This is where credit rating is important. Your previous behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. A poor credit history may be detrimental to your chances of acquiring a home loan or result in larger interest rates.

Real Estate Considerations

Appraised Worth

Lenders depend on appraisers to supply critical data on a home. The most important aspect of an appraisal is the price, which is provided in an exact figure. Mortgage Companies grant mortgages up to a particular amount of the market value and the appraisal is used to confirm that figure.

Mortgage Company Protection

After a loan is issued, mortgage companies want assurances that their investment will be secure. They typically expect title insurance. For home loans with low down payments, mortgage insurance may also be mandated. The amount of both title and mortgage insurance can vary based on the mortgage type and can also impact how much a buyer will be approved for.

More Mortgage Approval Considerations For MA Lenders

Mortgage companies may take several weeks to examine a loan application prior to issuing an approval, a rejection, or asking for more data. Approval criteria can differ based on the type of mortgage and the circumstances of the buyer or home. The mortgage approval considerations for MA lenders above include just a few general factors to be aware of. Always consult with a lending professional for advice on your property purchase. Contact John Wells at 978-518-1481 or for additional guidance on this and other similar topics.


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