The Advantages Of Hiring MA Real Estate Agents

As a home buyer or home owner, you have the option of selecting a real estate agent to provide support and promote your best interests. Merely working with an agent does not ensure that individual represents you. There is generally a document formalizing the agency, responsibilities of the the agent, and your duties. Below is information on the advantages of hiring MA real estate agents.

Real Estate Agents Duties

Federal law mandates that real estate agents provide specific responsibilities to their clients once they enter into an agency relationship.

Providing Confidentiality

Real estate agents are responsible for keeping all information on their client confidential. They may not reveal information about your business, financial or personal affairs, or motivations unless instructed by you or mandated by a court of law to do so. This duty remains active at all times beyond any closings or contracts.


Real estate professionals have a reasonable amount of knowledge of real estate matters and on the real estate process, but they are not experts in all real estate related fields (such as contract writing). For information outside of their responsibilities, they must direct you to the proper resources.


Agents must respect lawful instructions from clients. For example, sometimes clients ask their real estate agents to submit an offer that the agent disagrees with. Agents must comply with those requests despite the differing opinions.

Accounting for Funds

Agents must accurately keep track of the whereabouts of all monies related to a transaction. This refers to earnest monies submitted and the return of such deposits where necessary.


Agents must maintain the best interests of their clients ahead of any other party, including themselves. Compensation, especially in multiple offer scenarios, should not be an influece and would be disloyal. Confidentiality is also an aspect of loyalty.


Agents must complete responsibilities and honor requests in a reasonable time frame. This can be crucial when multiple offers are present. It is also important after a home is under contract and must meet specific deadlines.


All real estate agents must disclose everything they know about a listing,…often referred to as material facts. The responsibility to disclose also covers any facts that might impact decisions about a listing or improve negotiating position.

The Advantages Of Hiring MA Real Estate Agents

Hiring a real estate agent has many advantages. In addition to what is listed above, agents have an even more vital task of influencing interactions between parties. The real estate process can be very complicated and emotional. Having the influence of a person who recognizes your best interests but is not emotionally involved can maintain civility and lead to beneficial results. This summarizes the advantages of hiring MA real estate agents. Contact John Wells at 978-518-1481 or for additional advice.


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