MA Home Repairs That Increase Property Values

MA homeowners should figure out the actual change in property value compared to the cost of particular renovations before performing any repairs. Some projects are more effective than others. The following are recommendations on MA home repairs that increase property values.

MA Home Repairs That Increase Property Values

Home owners often aim to redeem the entire amount of money spent onrenovations upon the sale of their home. This is a natural expectation, but unfortunately, it is not generally what occurs. Different home renovations add different values, and that change in value can vary based on location. To obtain an overview on home repairs that increase property values, below are some national figures.

Repairs and National Averages

The figures below were obtained from the Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value Report.

Improvement Amount Spent Added Home Value Percentage of Cost Returned
Home Office Remodel $27,963 $11,983 42.9 percent
Garage Door Replacement $1,512 $1,087 71.9 percent
Sunroom Addition $74,310 $34,133 45.9 percent
Minor Kitchen Remodel $19,588 $14,120 72.1 percent
Vinyl Window Replacement $11,319 $7,692 68 percent

EvaluatingHome Repairs That Increase Property Values

Another factor affecting the value of renovations is whether it is a mid-range or up-scale project. Kitchen repairs, for instance, can be performed using different quality materials resulting in a different ending figure. So, not only might you consider the area of renovation but also the amount of money to spend. For a complete list of house repairs and up to dateMA home repairs that increase property values, visit


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