Zillow’s Top Agent Interview with John P. Wells, Newburyport Realtor

John Wells Boston Real Estate

Zillow is interviewing top agents from across the country. They recently interviewed our own John P. Wells, Newburyport Realtor, about his background, experience, interests, and success as a real estate agent. Here’s a peek at John’s interview:

From the Interview…

We chatted with John and he revealed some of his secrets:

Zillow: Why are you successful as a real estate agent?

John: I communicate with my clients – and other agents – quickly and efficiently. Extensive online marketing, including Zillow and a host of our own websites, gives me a commanding presence. Most importantly, I really care about my clients and feel responsible for their well-being in this process. That is something people notice. If I were only focused on my commission, it wouldn’t work.

Zillow: What is the best part of your job?

John: The satisfaction I get from making a difference in the lives of clients, by helping to guide their decisions and happiness. I also enjoy earning gratitude and respect when working with my agents to grow their business. Being successful in real estate is not easy and when I help someone get there, it is satisfying. There’s nothing better than great teamwork!

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