Details On Frequently Used Real Estate Terminology In MA

The real estate steps are elaborate enough from the start. Real estate terminology can complicate it further, especially if it is your first time buying a home. In this article you will find details on frequently used real estate terminology in MA. This will help simplify the home buying and selling … [Read more...]

A Comparison Of MA Appraisal And Assessment Prices

Appraisal and assessment prices are frequently mistakened for one another. As a home buyer and home seller, it is helpful to distinguish the difference between these terms. A comparison of MA appraisal and assessment prices can be found below. Definition Of Assessment Prices Municipalities levy a … [Read more...]

How To Compare MA Home Builders

Finding a builder can be a big decision and may thus be a stressful one. Selecting the right professionals for your project is essential to its success. When assessing MA home builders, there are several questions that you may ask. These will help you come to an informed decision on which builder to … [Read more...]

MA Laws On Rental Deposits

In Mass., landlords may request two different types of deposits: security deposits and last months rent. These deposits must be handled in a very specific way to comply with the law. An overview of the MA laws on rental deposits is offered below. Statement of Property Condition Within ten days of … [Read more...]

Advice For Building New Construction Homes In MA

Constructing a custom property is an exciting process. There are unlimited things to weigh, which can be a bit overwhelming. The advice for building new construction homes in MA below will help minimize the stress. Advice For Building New Construction Homes In MA 1. Prioritize and Simplify Your … [Read more...]

MA Smoke Detector Rules And Ionization Vs. Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

Single family and 2-family homes sold in MA must be inspected by the fire department to verify the proper installation of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. They then provide a smoke certificate required for the closing. It is prudent for property owners to know the MA smoke detector … [Read more...]