John P. Wells, Founder of Wellsco Realty and

The founder of Wellsco Realty in Newburyport MA, John P. Wells, has an interesting background and a refreshing approach to building a top-notch real estate company.

John grew up in Winchester MA and spent much as his youth as an actor, performing in multiple theaters around Boston.  On graduating high school, he travelled to Europe with an American theater company on a European Tour for two years.  He landed in Antwerp, Belgium, and decided to stay.  Rather than taking advantage of the scholarship offered him by Tufts University, he chose to pay his way through school in Belgium, where he studied International Management.   He likes to talk of the frustrations he experienced in learning enough Dutch and French to follow the courses, and had to take courses in Belgium Fiscal and Commercial law… in Dutch.

He graduated with honors with a Masters Degree and went on to work for the university for 8 years, first as lecturer and assistant to the President, and later as dean of the undergraduate program.  He left that post to start an international school at the request of the local community, where he remained for 3 years as the headmaster.  When he felt the school had reached financial stability, he appointed a professional educator to take it to the next level, and started a company focused on speech recognition technology.  In a few years he had branch offices in Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Florence and the South of France.  After selling that company in the early 90’s he returned to the USA.

His lifelong interest in architecture and real estate led him into designing and building homes and communities in New England, until the recession in 2007 changed the market.  He took the real estate exam and obtained his real estate license and started exploring that side of the business, and with the knowledge and experience gained founded Wellsco Realty LLC in Newburyport at the beginning of 2012.

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